I love projects!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

i love using my sewing machine Mom gave me for my wedding.
I love coming up with a new idea and trying it out and it working.

I love getting inspiration from other people.
I love colors and textures and mastering skills.
I love taking pictures of the things i love.

My current favorite song is "The First Noel" by the MoTab choir with the Orchestra At Temple Square accompanying... arranged by my hero Mack Wilberg.
It swells and swells and builds and tugs and aches and feels so RIGHT.

and my lovely little iPod was kind enough to put it on just now, out of 337 songs, so i am a lucky duck.

I love my life. Most of the time, I love this little life.

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  1. hey Em! Created a blog:


    ps: love the pics! :]


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