some favorite moments from my thanksgiving weekend

Saturday, December 9, 2006

{mom and her project area;
the classic turquoise sewing machine...
the bevy of green plants...
the joy in making things:

I'm glad I am like her.}

{my mom and dad are the best of friends.
they are perfect together.}

{he's a bit CRAZY, but he's my bro.
Incidentally, I'm always amazed
at what I can get him to do
in front of a camera. You'd think
he'd be conscious of it's publishability.}

{this kid is impossibly, addictively adorable.
Look at that expression!!}

{my sis elise is expressing exuberance for the camera.

{'Cause i like red barns.
And i LOOOOOOVE joe.}

{joe slums it with the sisters.
Well, with three of the five sisters.
Kirsti OBVIOUSLY isn't a fan.}

{kirsti gives us a coy little look before disappearing
into the trees once more,
never to be seen again.}

*i. love. this. new. camera. period.*

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