Miss Larkin at 7 Months Old

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

 I'm nearly two weeks late for this post, but back on March 30th, Larkin rolled over (literally) to SEVEN months old. There's no stopping her now, and she is determined to find her independence and grow right on up and out of babyhood as quickly as possible. 

Despite my wishing for her to SLOW DOWN, she sure is fun right now. It really is a perfect baby age, this 6-8month stretch. So many expressions, so responsive, but not yet mobile and tricksy. She's the light of all of our lives, even Quinn's, and we're utterly lucky to have her in our family. 

Larkin at 7 months:
  1. This girl is a rolling FOOL. I swear she's a more adept roller earlier than any of my other kids. She can get herself all over a room just by dropping one arm and tucking into a roll. She lands on her tummy and loves to crane her neck to look around as she props herself up on both arms.... But as soon as she spots something she wants-- a toy or a new destination-- she drops the arm again and is off and rolling once more. 
  2. She has moved from "beginner" at baby food to very skilled. She loves to be fed the purees and keeps most of it in her mouth now... but her FAVORITE thing is eating Baby Mum Mums. And she is a PRO at those. So far, she's enjoyed avocado, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, pears, and bananas. 
  3. She's officially "attached" to her Foxy Loxy lovey-- she takes it with her as she rolls all around her crib, and wakes with it in her arms every time. 
  4. She's learned to chatter and babble during her 6th month- every so often she'll go into a series of "a-da-da-da-da-da-da!!!" babbles, and even when she's not practicing consonants like that, she is often shrieking or making loud noises just for the heck of it. I think it's because she's a 4th kid in a VERY loud household. She's just learning how to be heard. 
  5. She continues to LOVE being outside. Its a sure way to shift her mood quickly! 
  6. And she loves LOVES being worn. When she's getting fussy and tired and won't stay content on the floor or in her jumper or exersaucer, I know I can get a little more time out of her by putting her into my ring sling as I finish up whatever it is I'm trying to do.  
  7. She also still adores Daddy's forward-facing "chair-carry" he's been doing since she was teeny:
8. Larkin avidly follows her brothers' antics and her daddy's goofy faces and it is very easy (and satisfying) to make her laugh.
9. Still no teeth! But I *swear* they are coming. They have to be... she's showing all the signs (but don't they all? For AGES??? ugh.)

10. She sits up!! She's still wobbly, but she can do it for a minute or more. 
11. Her current favorite song is the Pokemon Theme Song. For real. She lights up and quiets down every time! 
12. She's just a light--- her smiles are abundant, her whole body wiggles when she's excited (to get out of bed, to get out of her car seat, to head to a bath, etc.) I wish I could bottle this up for all of you so you could feel the same delight we all do when we're around her. ♥

(Photos taken on Larkin's amazing bird quilt made by my friend Melanie Hess of Thoroughly Modern Minis, on Etsy. See her 1 month photos HERE, her 2 month photos HERE, her 3 month photos HERE, her 4 month photos HERE, her 5 month photos HERE and her 6 month photo HERE.)

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  1. These 7 month Larkin faces are too much. How is it that she is getting cuter and cuter with each passing month?!


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