Larkin Clementine: One Month Old

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Miss Larkin Clementine is a month old (Okay, truth: she's 6 weeks old in two days. Ha, oops. But these photos were taken on her one-month day.)
A few things about our little lady:

At one month old, she's still pretty floppy.... Her head control is pretty much still that of a newborn.
She has the softest little ears. I think this is the first time I've taken time to ponder why baby ears are so soft and bendy... But I think it's because they're always lying on their side to nurse, and their ears might get bent under... but they're made for it for now. It's only later that the cartilage toughens up into regular ears. Thoughts? 

Her hair, which was pretty dark to begin with, looks to be softening to a medium brown, sometimes with a warm tone to it. Her eyes are still unpredictably gray. Some days I am convinced they'll skew blue eventually, like Lucy's. Other days I am totally convinced they'll go brown. For now, they're still definitely the deep newborn gray she was born with. 

She has a lot of sleep smiles. Sometimes I catch a whiff of a dimple on one cheek or the other. I wonder if she'll have "real" dimples?

Larkin is a sleeper. She loves to be asleep again and again, and will often stay super sleepy and hard to wake when I try to do a bedtime feed. She was so sleepy in her first weeks that I had some awesome opportunities to shoot newborn photos of her, even past the traditional 2-week window. We are swaddlin' parents, like with every one of our kiddos, and she really loves it and sinks right down to sleep with one. But she is also a pretty good napper without the swaddle, which is a first for me. 

We are currently nursing 85% of the time, but open to supplementing with formula, which she gets about 15% of the time, just depending on the day and her moods. She's one of my best nursers, and I feel like my supply is more abundant this time around than it has been for a long time, maybe since Noah. It's a joy to nurse her. She's so sweet. 

After her first two or three weeks, she has "woken up" a bit and definitely has fussy stages. But it's not ALL the time, or at a predictable time of day, and I think, despite the stress I feel when she IS crying hard for a long time, she is a pretty mellow baby the rest of the time. She is usually either eating or sleeping. If she's not eating, sleeping, or crying, she loves to sit in Joe's arms, upright, facing out, and will just stare out calmly, sweetly-- perfectly content in his arms. Joe is a champion baby-soother, too... better than me, really. I usually give up and go to the boob-binkie to finally calm her. He sticks it out and will walk/sway/shush her til she's calm and eventually asleep. MY HERO! 

She is just starting to be pretty chill for a few short periods of time when put down on a blanket or in a baby bouncer. Hallelujah! I hope she continues to grow that skill! It's hard, as always, to be one-handed or no-handed so much of the day because of holding/wearing a newborn. 

She is wide-eyed and alert, seems to like music, loves the outdoors, and is so soft and lovely. We love our one-month-old Larkie-Loo, and cannot wait to see what the next month brings. 

(Amazing birdie quilt by my bestie Melanie Hess, of Thoroughly Modern Minis, on Etsy. She's so talented and we love Larkin's baby quilt!)

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