Larkin at Three Months

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Never mind that I am 11 days late for this post. You forgive me, right? Especially since I showed you that face first thing on this post. You're now just all melty and swoony at how cute this baby girl is, and can't even remember that I'm perpetually behind on all posting.
So Larkin Clementine:

At three months of age, she is an utter JOY. She really is. I feel like I can finally say out loud without jinxing it that she is my easiest baby.  Whereas I used to whisper it in doubtful wonder, I now proclaim it in confident joy: SHE IS MY EASIEST BABY. Never mind the nursing part of it, she is just so delightful. any fussiness or screamishness has a definable reason and a quick fix. She loves sleep. She is alert and aware and looks at everything with her wide-eyed wonder. She has long stretches of awake/calm/happy. She is a gift. ♥

The list of current specifics--- At three months, Larkin:
  • Is very smiley and loves to coo. She does a more gargle-y coo, and its really sweet. Her favorite place to "talk" to me is while she's lying on her changing table. 
  • Endures tummy time when I remember to do it, and almost seems like she could kick herself over to her back anytime now.
  • Is very sturdy in her neck and torso, and loves to be held in a sitting up or "standing" position.
  • Loves her MAM binkies but is still TERRIBLE at holding them in on her own. 
  • Despite last week's post on nursing, she is still sticking with it. She maybe fusses/refuses 30-40% of the time and has calm, good nursing sessions 60-70% of the time. I still feed her a bottle after each time because I know I just am not producing enough milk to truly satisfy her. I'm in this place of taking it day by day and being grateful for each time we make it another day.
  • Loves LOVES loves bathtime. She is so completely content and kicky and happy in her bath. She is in the same "bathrest" prop within the big tub that we've used for each kiddo, so she often shares her bath with a sibling who is in there with her. 
  • Is actually calm sometimes in the car even without a binkie "scarfed" in. 
  • Has transitioned to pretty consistent daytime sleeping in her own room in her rock and play. She naps 3+ times a day-- two main ones that are usually 2 hours each or more, and then another one (or more) that might be shorter in the evening. 
  • Is still swaddled, but we are using a halo sleep sack now, so I think it'll be a smooth transition when we start unswaddling her. 
  • Is still in her rock and play. I honestly don't know how to move from swaddle and naptime binkie "scarfed" in (she doesn't use a bink at night) to unswaddled in a crib, because I don't feel at ALL comfortable with wrapping her face with that scarf when she's unswaddled and able to try rolling, etc. So we may have some rough sleep transitions ahead when she can't keep her binkie in. ACK.
  • Is still solidly in 0-3mo clothes and size 1 diapers. 
  • Just really loves to sleep. Sleep is not a challenge for us right now. Check back when the textbook 4-month sleep regression hits. 
  • Seem to really love the song "Wizards in Winter" by the Transiberian Orchestra. I swear she quiets down for it in the car. 
  • Has a half-laugh now. Not full-on chuckles yet, but a clear starting laugh. It's darling. 
  • Has found her right fist and will nibble it. 
  • With her newfound hands, she can sometimes accidentally hold her bottle or a toy or bring something closer to her face. It's still pretty arbitrary, but she's learning!
  • Has begun to drool. Welcome to those months of pre-teething. 
  • Is growing a butt. No, really! Tonight as I was dressing her after her bath, I was like, "Hey, Lark! Those are LEGIT, real bum cheeks! Congrats!" Haha!

We have a pretty good groove going over here. Joe and I are this well-oiled machine, a team, and we're handling the complexities of life as it looks right now.  It's been easier this time for me to truly let go of the things that aren't possible at this time of life and not resent or regret it. Things like making art or being crafty... Date nights. Late nights catching up on work. Outings that need more time and effort. Big trips. Time alone. Etc. I'm really at peace with this season, right now. I know things will ebb... but then they will flow again. And many of the tender sweet things happening right now will never happen for us again, since Larkin is our last baby. So I would rather push away the "regular life" a bit longer and keep soaking in the NOW, because it means I am relishing this dear, beautiful, marvelous last baby of mine. 

I am, as we get into the thick of the Christmas season, equal parts frenzied and feeling chaotic due to the very energetic, very loud and marvelous three other kids of mine, and tender and emotional, due to the beauty of having a new infant in my arms in the season when we celebrate the most special infant ever born. I try to pass along the tenderness and the light of those feelings to my chaotic, wonderfully vibrant older kids.... and I also try to shake out the stressy tension in my shoulders when they're being so loud and excitable and remember to relish the Chirstmassy crazy excitement and delight that they're immersed in. I want it all. The soft feelings of a spiritual Christmas and the sparkly feelings of a childhood magic Christmas. And I have tangible, living breathing reminders of both every day. I guess that makes me super lucky. I know I am. ♥
(Photos taken on Larkin's amazing bird quilt made by my friend Melanie Hess of Thoroughly Modern Minis, on Etsy. See her 1 month photos HERE and her 2 month photos HERE. )

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  1. This is the most darling jumpsuit ever. I would like you to buy it in every size until she's 9 please.
    And hooray on her sticking it out with nursing.


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