Today, At Home...

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

 Today at home, we had nowhere we needed to go. And Larkin Clementine was so sweet and soft and perfectly edible in her new fleece romper that I decided I needed some big camera photos. 

 She eventually lost interest, obviously. 

I also thought to take a context photo, just for fun.... So here is where I shoot my girl's photos when I do her monthly milestone images and the periodic "for fun" photos. Here, in the good light, among the laundry and the cat food and Fiona nearby, usually.

So while I had the big camera out, I decided I might as well grab a couple of Quinn as he was that moment: pajamas and bedhead, playing race car games on Joe's iPad while in his fave spot in the living room:

And then a couple with me in them... awkward angles when you try to wield a 5DIII with a massive 24-70 lens on it for "selfie" shots. Haha! And Larkin really REALLY was done with the whole project. 

So there you have a small piece of our day today, at home. Nothing unusual... But a good gig nonetheless. I feel like I am enveloped in this role of "mother of four" these days, in the best possible way. Like this cloak is starting to fit right. I think I like how it feels. 

Anyway.  It is now 11:34pm. That's at least 30 minutes past when I should be tucking myself into bed. We are still living the "new baby sleep schedule" life and if I don't put myself to bed by 11 (ideally 10:30), I am pretty exhausted the next day. So time to click "publish" and wish you all a good night. ♥

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  1. If you could find Larkin's romper in my size. Please and thank you. 😉


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