Some Fresh 48 Photos of Our Girl

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Inspired by so many fresh, clean, peaceful lifestyle-type "Fresh 48" images I've seen around the internet, I made sure to take a few minutes during our last bit of time in the hospital to try a few of my own, for my little one. 

A "fresh 48" is a mini session that happens right in the hospital, sometime within a baby's first two days of life. It's less intense than a birth session, but also less posed than a styled newborn session after the baby comes home. It captures the newness of the whole experience, and the peace and stillness of the hospital room where parents are first getting to know their little one. I love the idea, and have done a few... but never intentionally tried one with my own babies til now. But oh how I cherish these images below... I'm so glad I have them. My sweet, fresh, new baby girl:

Sweet dreams, little one.... 

Next up, perhaps some of the posed newborn photos I did like crazy during her first three weeks? Ah, eventually I'll get enough edited to fill a post!!  

Here's to a great October week ahead. My favorite season, my favorite weather, pumpkins on the porch and apple cider in my mug... Let's make the most of the coming week, shall we? ♥

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