Quick, While I Nurse the Baby....

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Nurse-napping Larkin while Q is at preschool, and instead of mindlessly internetting, why not a random list for my blog? Okay, go:

1. I could really use a haircut. Or at the very least, a shower. 

2. If I didn't still feel edgy and anxious about taking baby along on outings (for fear she will just cry the whole time), I'd feel like taking Quinn somewhere today for lunch and playing. 

3. I stubbed my right pinkie toe THRICE yesterday, and I swear I'm shocked it's not broken. Dang toe. 

4. Larkin is using me for a binkie right now and just sleep-smiled with a mouthful of boob. 

5. I owe about 6 people an email right now. About work stuff. That's not good. 

6. I forgot to get fabric and a pattern for my mom to sew Lucy a Halloween costume. I'm now contemplating trying to make it happen on my own, and feeling stressed about it. Why must the school trunk-or-treat be so early this year? (22nd of Oct!!)

7. I got to hang out with one of my dearest best friends all weekend, Katie Benson. It was perfect-- so much gabbing, showing her my town, strolling Vintage Market Days with baby sleeping in the sling... Lot of good food and just a wonderful long visit. 

8. I am feeling pretty good this time around, with regards to tiny baby season. I'm still hormonal and a touch anxious, but I feel way way better than I did with Lucy and Quinn when they were this little. 

9. But I also feel skeptical about everything baby-related right now-- like, "Hey! I feel pretty good! But who's to say I won't flip a switch any day now and go back to feeling a huge mess?" Or "Hey! Larkin's been pretty good these last few days! But it's probably a fluke. She'll probably be really hard again soon." etc.

10. I've been eating my feelings, honestly. Back on the carb wagon after Larkin's arrival, I find that I have Pavlov's Dog-trained myself to reach for a cookie or a peanut butter cup after I've had to deal with an extended session of baby-screaming or triple-kid-intensity (either good intensity like chatter and talking over each other or bad intensity like each of them bickering or whining or melting down simultaneously). Yikes. But also yum. 

11. I will always love swaddles, Alison Krauss, babies using a boob as a pillow, newborn baby hair, brushing Lucy's hair, Aldi's peanut butter cups, Moby sleeps, the few hours at the start of the night where I get to be in my own bed and stretchhhhhhh out like crazy, Quinn's binkie mouth and toddler lisp, Joe coming home, chocolate chip cookies, fountain drinks with caffeine, Noah's hugs and jokes, autumn smells, naps... I could go on and on. But these are relevant right now, and many have been relevant for a long time, and I don't want to forget the ones that are not going to last... 

Okay. That's all. Now I will post a few phone photos. Goodbye! 

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