Five for Friday: Rain, Rain, Go Away

Friday, July 10, 2015

Wow, this has been a WET summer. So much rain. A couple of weeks ago, after a string of wet days, we all got a little trunky and decided to head outside anyway. Pajamas and umbrellas.... cute combo! 

My poor camera had been sitting in lovely air conditioning for a week, so when I took it out into the muggy warm summer air, it fogged right up. In my experience, all that works to really fix this is....[drumroll]... time. Waiting for the temperature of the camera to equalize with the temperature of the great outdoors. 

But until then, you get this foggy thing happening, and I decided to just go with it. So a few of these have some level of dewy or downright foggy look to them, and I dunno... I kind of like it. and I kind of love these kiddos. ♥

Back in May, on another rainy jag, we attempted to go to Six flags between raindrops.... and failed. It was basically pouring when we got there. So right inside the entrance, I dashed to the first gift shop to get ponchos or something, and found these cute umbrellas. And at $8 apiece, they were actually way cheaper than I expected for an amusement price gift shop. So my kids now each have super cute umbrellas, and love any chance to use them. (Quinn's is a frog-- but he stuck to the boots only on this day.)

We have lots more summer plans ahead, so while the rain has been nice for keeping our world lush and green, I wouldn't mind it slowing down a bit through the rest of July and August. We would love to put the rain boots away for awhile.... 


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