Five For Friday: Johnson's Shut-Ins

Saturday, July 18, 2015

We just took our almost-annual trip to Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park here in Missouri. This year, Joe couldn't come because my folks planned it mid-week and he needed to be at work... so I decided to do it as a day trip for the first time in my life. Every other time I've been there, it's always wrapped up in camping, which has its own set of charms and frustrations. The day trip worked so well for us this time, though, and we had a marvelous time in the river. 

 Last year, we did the camping version of this trip, right about this same time of the summer. The state park had recently built some basic cabins available for rent-- full electricity, but no running weather/bathroom inside the cabins... So while these cabins are half-luxury, they are still still half-camping, with outdoor cooking and treks to the public toilets.  My parents wanted to try a cabin out, and we loved it. My Five For Friday tonight, therefore,  is a throwback to our trip last year and specifically to some of the Big Camera photographs I took while we puttered around our campsite and cabin.

1. Noah brought markers and paper and really focused on drawing landscapes. I was utterly enchanted with his efforts and his focus. And seriously-- can you believe that view from the porch of our cabin?? Worthy of capturing in art, for sure. 

1a. Bonus Image-- here is his best landscape, titled "Still Forist"[sic].  ♥

2. Lucy in a camp chair, snuggling with blankies and stuffed animals, totally oblivious to her mesmerizing blue eyes. 

3. Quinn was still 100% binkie baby last summer, so this was a common post-nap look of his. Captain Adorable FOR SURE. How cute is his too-long hair??

4. None of these attempted Mom & Three Kid photos turned out classically ideal (i.e. everyone looking forward and smiling into the camera) and at the time, I was bummed/bugged by that. But this year, revisiting this set of photos, I love them all. Even more so because they AREN'T all looking into the camera. How sweet is their interaction?? 

5. But with Joe, they DID all manage to look AND smile huge smiles for the camera. So *shrug* You win some and you concede some to Dad. 

Next up, I will post this year's photos from Johnson's Shut-Ins, all taken on my phone, and all at the actual river, since we didn't camp. Hooray for summer, and huzzah for summer rituals. I love it. 


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