Back Home Tonight

Monday, June 30, 2014

As I sit here, back home tonight at midnight after five incredible days in San Francisco with Joe (a tag-along on his advising conference business trip), I am zeroed in, not on the memories and adventures of this last week, but on my babies, sleeping peacefully upstairs in their  rooms. 

I am thinking about how the first thing both Joe and I wanted to do was to sneak into their rooms to tuck them in, kiss their cheeks, maybe even wake them  a little just to tell them we are home. How we did just that, side-by-side, together like we have gotten to be all week. Joe leaning over Lucy as I leaned over Noah, then trading spots... Both of us then tiptoeing into Quinn's room to watch him smile in his sleep as Joe replaced his binkie and lovey.

I am thinking about how, no matter how grand the adventure, how restful the break, no vacation can compare to the deeper current of joy in the dailiness of this backbreaking, heart-tugging work of parenting little kids. I adored the time with just Joe--- reveled in the freedom and excitement of adventuring in a magical city-- but this, right here? Home again, everyone asleep and at peace, safe, together? That is a deep deep joy. This is what life is about for me. 

I cannot wait for them to wake tomorrow so we can share our adventure stories with each other.... Them telling me all about "Grandparent Camp"-- their 5 marvelous days at my parents' house-- and me telling them about the lanterns in Chinatown and the cable car drivers on steep hills, and the seagulls at the Wharf and about the fog... I cannot wait to give them the trinkets we bought for them because they were on our minds constantly while we were away. 

I am thinking about Joe, sleeping now, having to dive back into his workweek with no break from the go-go-go of his past week... And feeling so in love with him. As a husband, as a dad, as a good-looking guy... as my partner-in-crime. 

And I am just..... really at peace. 

Tomorrow, it'll be back to the noise and there will be unpacking and busy-ness and probably kids talking over one another and one or two of them shrieking a bit just because they can.... but it'll be my world, and my kids, and everyone back in their usual spots, and it will be perfect. 


Some of the many photos my mom was so so good to keep posting all week on Facebook while she wrangled the trio. She is an angel. A Godsend. So is my dad. THANK YOU, Mom and Dad!!! ♥

 Above: Splash park fun  |  visiting Dad at the Law Library | Noah getting to guest-conduct at a convert | Lucy and Quinn  roaming the neighborhood

Above: Lucy gets a haircut | Noah gets to do an art project | outdoor dining one evening | Lucy at the Splash Park | picking blackberries with Grandpa | bedtime-clad baby boy


  1. Your happy makes me happy. So glad you got the birthday weekend away. So glad you have the joy of coming home. Love you and your family- wish we could teleport to each other- 4 hrs is "so close yet so far away..."
    Enjoy the rest of summer!

  2. What lucky kids to have grandparents so close! And so wonderful you still have pictures to 'document' the week's adventures in your absence; the one of Noah & Quinn is especially adorable! ;-)

    It's been way too long since John & I have had any "alone time" but just reading about your newfound peace makes feel at peace as well, Enjoy!

  3. I love this. Such a fun week away for you and for the kids. A recharge for all that makes the reunion even sweeter.


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