On the Edge of the World: Newport Beach

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Just the last few photos from our trip to CA at the beginning of June... On our last night in CA, we drove to Newport Beach with the Hess's, three goals in mind:

1. Show the ocean to our kiddos, up close
2. Shoot a family session for Melanie & Co. 
3. Get some grub

We made it just in time for gorgeous sunset light, and though it was windy and a bit chilly, we all had a great time running in and out of the surf, looking for bits of shell, and standing on the edge of the world looking into the Pacific expanse. Perfect. 



  1. 1. There are moments lately where Lulu looks so much like little Kirstie to me. The one your mama took of her newly-cut bangs, and the first solo one of her looking right at the camera above...makes me smile.

    2. The photo of Noah solo, right under the great one of he and Nolan--he looks like a model for Gap Kids. "NBD, just on the beach with my hoodie, saltwater splashed carelessly and gorgeously on my front, pants casually rolled to my knee, a pop of green beneath. I'm GORGEOUS."

    3. I LOVE the third one of Joe/Quinn with his leg kicked up high. I can just picture that moment in Quinn's thoughts.. "What is this weird sandy watery thing we're walking into--OH I LOVE IT I LOVE IT KICK KICK KICK SPLASH SPLASH"

  2. The beach just before sunset is my favorite place! Your pictures are (as usual) so gorgeous & of course the subjects couldn't be cuter ;-).

  3. Ah, the beach. In California. The only good part about that state. Very nice photos.


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