Way Back Six Months Ago: Fall Baby Photos

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Back in the fall, when I set up a backdrop set in my garage to capture some Quinn 9-month photos...When Lucy helped me check my settings, and Quinn himself just grinned gummily for the camera. Back before he was uber-mobile and totally unwilling to sit for photos... Back when it was still fall and the leaves were bright red. Photos I love. One of these Quinn images will get printed on canvas, big, to join my favorite 9-month image of Noah and my favorite 9-month image of Lucy. It's such a lovely age for catching a baby portrait, and I love having each of them immortalized on my wall. 

For tonight, here are my favorites from this day. 



  1. It's so cool to see all three kids at the same age! You have great ideas for shoots. :)

  2. I'm so envious of your pictures! What awesome treasures to have as they get older (& less cooperative ;-) ).


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