Hey, TigerHead.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Just one day back in February, average day, typical Lucy moment--- donning random things to wear, asking for my help to get each of her little fingers in the finger spots of those grown-up gloves, left behind by a one-time babysitter we'll probably never see again. Photos I love because they catch such "her"-ness.... I know one day she'll be so different, and I want to look back at these and feel this age of hers viscerally. Photos I love because even though they're from the big camera, they feel like my Instagram images, and that makes me happy--- that sometimes, somehow, I can change the way I shoot..... edit.... SEE. Photos I love and I am sharing and that is all I have for tonight. 

Wishing everyone peace and clarity tomorrow.... Sunday...a good day for peace and clarity, dontcha think?


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