1,000 Gifts: Pt. 1

Thursday, May 8, 2014

1. Waking up in my warm, comfortable bed, sun out, the sound of my husband and son downstairs getting ready for the day.

2. That season of time when Noah would sing along to Regina Spektor's "Eet", including the T...t...t...ts at the end.

3. Footrubs.
4. My son Quinn's ready smile, especially when I enter the room. 

5. Strettttccchhhing out on the couch and taking a mid-afternoon nap in a sun patch. 

6. Treasure-hunting at a flea market or thrift store... (I found that high chair in perfect condition at a shop just a mile down the road.)

7. Alison Krauss music. 

8. The way that Lucy wakes in the morning-- a brief moment of confusion, followed almost instantly by a shy stretching smile that takes over her whole face... Like sunshine. 

9. Combing her hair in the mornings as she eats her breakfast.

10. Going to a movie at the theater, with a cold drink and contraband (cheaper) candy.

11. Long phone calls with a best friend.

12. Sisterhood circles-- those women that just get it, and get me, and love me anyway.  

13. Noah's vast imagination and pretend worlds he lives in-- so completely consuming and irritating and wonderful and perfect. 

14. When my kids want to make art-- to paint or play in clay or use scissors and hole punches... 
(Do you see Old Mai?)

15. This kid's bold, brave, belly-first toddle.

16. Fresh raspberries. 

17. And asparagus. 

18. When this guy gets home. From work, or school, or a trip away... When he is home, home is home. 

19. Crouching down with arms outstretched, and one of my kiddos runs pell-mell into my hug.

20. Perfect spring evenings.

21. Catching a real smile with my camera. 

22. Sweet light. 

24. Baby boys in onesie rompers.

25. Kissing my babies' necks, tips of their noses, feet... all over. 

26. The nostalgia of smelling freshly-cut grass and hearing a lawn mower purr in the distance. 

27. Driving on a perfect evening, before it's fully night, with the windows down and great music playing loud.

28. Getting packages in the mail. 

29. Hugging Joe from behind. 

30. Finding a book you can't put down. 

31. Burt's Bees chapstick. 

32. Moms. (Grandmoms.)

33. These big brown eyes and how much he needs me.

34. This trampoline hair. Every time. 

35. Jump shots. 

36. Getting outside as often as possible. 

37. Dandelions. I don't care what the world at large thinks of them. I love them. 

38. This one's curiosity and sponge-brain.

39. Mama selfies.

40. Fresh journals. 


Keep looking, keep listing.... more show up all the time when you're open to them.... 1,000 gifts. (Thanks, Ann Voskamp, for the phrase, the book....Thanks, Sarah Ban B. for planting the original idea over 13 years ago. Gratitude is magic.)


  1. When I needed to fall asleep (desperately) the other night, I used this idea as my focus (distraction). I was actually basing it off of Bing's song in White Christmas about counting blessings instead of sheep, but the idea's the same). It worked great- kept me from the pointless "gotta sleep, gotta sleep" cycle and gave me such a sense of well being it lasted into the next morning. And I didn't even scratch the surface of things to be grateful.
    (But maybe I should start writing some down, like this blog, just to go back to when I need a shot of that well being)
    Anyway- love the pics and the list - thanks for sharing...

  2. Love the pictures, love the concept of this blog post, and I love doing this with my own life: listing all the things that I am thankful for and looking for joy in the simple things of life. It's a great skill to have.

  3. I want you to know how much this post brought me peace today. I know they are YOUR gifts and things that make YOU happy,but so many of them speak to me heart.

    On a day where all I've needed is a hug, this felt like a sweet unintentional hug from you from far away. Love you so much!

  4. Ann's book is on my nightstand ... and my journal is getting full. This is where God wants our hearts!

    It's not happy people that are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy!

  5. What a beautiful post AND comments from your sisters. Best Mother's Day gift I could ever get


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