Our Own Lovely Family Photos: Fall 2013

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm elbow-deep in bookkeeping and afflicted like mad with seasonal allergies suddenly (how unfair, after such a long and frigid winter. Shouldn't the spring pollens be mild and gentle in comparison?) and barely able to think by this time of night.... so I'll take the easy path for my blog post this week.

I realized recently that I never did come back to share favorite images from the MARVELOUS family session my friend Katie Benson shot for us in the fall. We flew her out just for this, and I am so in love with every image, yet here we are, months later, and I've only ever shared one or two images. It's ridiculous, the way I hoard special sessions. Waiting for the "perfect time" to share... So dumb. ANYTIME would be the perfect time for these images....

We went with a relaxed, "Just be ourselves" theme, since these three kiddos are all yahoos and getting them to pose prettily was probably going to be totally unpleasant. So instead of spending weeks and $$$ on gorgeous matching outfits, we used what we had, and just found ensembles that felt authentic to us, yet coordinated a little. We chose some pretty spots where we could just spread a quilt out and hang out together as a family... play, read, snack, laugh.... And Katie worked her magic and directed us a little, shot a lot, and ended up portraying a piece of our life and connection as a family for us to always remember. 

Here, part one--- my favorite more candid moments from the first half of our session together. 

September 2013, by Katie Benson of Kate Benson Photography



  1. Love these! ALL of them! Such an adorable little family changing and growing so fast!

  2. Love these! And am loving the posts these days!


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