Our Ouw Lovely Family Photos, Part 2

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I posted part one last week-- my favorite candids from our first spot we shot at last fall when Katie Benson came to town to do a family session for us. Part two, today, I'll share the ones in the running for BIG FRAMED PRINT in our home, as well as our gorgeous second location. That means I have enough left over for a part three later this week. AWESOME! :) 


Goodness, I love when my kiddos laugh.... ♥

And this second spot, truth to tell, was lovely, but had some CRAZY prickly burrs that clung to our clothes and got in our shoes. NOT GOOD. As adults, Katie, Joe and I were willing to grin and bear it... but the kiddos--- no bueno. So we shot fast and moved along. Still, it is a testament to Katie's amazing gifts that she got such neat images in the short time we were there. 

 Boy, that kid liked having two heavy siblings squashing him, didn't he???


Up this week--- I'm working like mad on some handmade gifts for my LuluBell, who turns THREE in just four days. THREE. Remember when she was a teeny, colicky baby? Time flies.... 

I'm also trying to be a good girl and tackle a lot of tax/finance things this month--- to get old debts paid and things evened out... as well as trying to dig out from a massive inbox backlog... As well as tackle some pretty tall mountains of clean laundry that need folding. Its a GET IT DONE week, and it feels good.... though I yearn for some lazy time, some early bedtimes, and maybe a hot tub in my backyard. But oh well. Someday, right?

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