Little Detail Shots

Friday, February 28, 2014

I decided yesterday, instead of taking my usual daily iPhone photos of life with these kiddos, to concentrate only on detail shots for the day. It was surprising to me how just making that little shift in perspective for one day felt so refreshing and inspiring. It may just be coincidence, but yesterday was a marvelous day, even when I had to adapt from the routine more than I usually care to do. I just felt in the groove and able to enjoy the littlest things, letting go the other things. 

It may just be the ending of winter, or it may be that I've been trying to take better care of myself physically, or it may be that in making the effort to see the little things and give them value, the little things brought more joy. Or it may have just been a lucky day, mood-wise. All I know is, I had a lovely little day yesterday.  Here are the photos I took, most of them also Instagrammed. My day, in detail shots. 

(Funny to note- almost every day, and this one was no exception, my documenting of moments almost always ends the minute my husband is home from work. Having him home feels so great, and I feel less like I am a lone soldier in the parenting war... Plus, once dinner prep starts, there's not as much margin to the evening... Less time to think to grab photos, less pretty light to inspire... And a whole lot of food prep, cleaning up, baths, jammies, teeth brushing, stories, songs, and bedtimes. Then parental collapse. So... Long story short, evening snaps are pretty rare...But even without photos to prove it, the day continued to be just lovely yesterday. Really simple and everyone in a great groove. And then I indulge in a massage appt after kids' bedtime and well, that capped the day nicely.) 
(Note 2: this is the first blog post I've attempted entirely from my iPhone. I am a little nervous about how it will look, format-wise. It's super handy to do it this way, but I may have to go back on my desktop and double check the formatting.)
(Blah blah blah. Ramble ramble ramble. Haha!)


  1. So happy to hear your day went so well,, those are treasures. It is the small things...I spent the last week sorting thru bins of pics yet to be scanned, saved etc. I made 30 birthday cards for my daughter we turned 30 today(well kind of, she is a leap year kid so she is really only 7 1/2) but I ramble... sorting thru the pics I saw a few treasures like yours but you have so much more... these pics are like freezing time, you will look back at them and think/remember how great they were and how precious your cherabs were/ are... thanks for reminding me and I am soo glad you had a great day.

  2. I loved this line: " making the effort to see the little things and give them value, the little things brought more joy." That is so true! It kind of makes me think that I can take pictures of my small moments too, and then, just maybe, I wouldn't be so put out when the "less-than-thrilling things" tend to happen. Emily, you taught me something new today! Thank you!


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