A Kinda Week of Quilts-- Day 5: Lucy's Baby Quilt

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I..... Just don't even ask. 

 I got derailed. I tried, I failed, and I'm just now getting my crap back together. That's life. 

So. Over a week past the day I was supposed to post this, here is the second-to-last quilt in my Week of Quilts. 

Trivia Facts About This Quilt:
  • This is the first formal quilt I ever made
  • I made it in the spring of 2011 in anticipation of Lucy's birth
  • I first saw the quilt in the Pottery Barn catalog and fell in love. I decided to try to "fake" it, and would go to sleep at night envisioning a cheat-y way to do it... Luckily, when the time came to begin actually working on this project, I did some Googling (have I told you lately what an excellent Googler I am?) and (I still can't believe it) I FOUND THE QUILT ARTIST'S NAME. And she SELLS this quilt pattern. (cue angels). 
  • This is the "Single Girl" quilt by Denyse Schmidt, a quilt artist.
  • It is not for the faint-of-heart, and especially NOT for a beginner. But I was stubborn. I WANTED THIS. 
  • I managed to make this quilt for Lucy in 2 months. Pretty good for a beginner!
  • The fabric is Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms with a bone white Kona cotton. Oh, and a couple of rogue non-Amy-Butler pieces thrown in.
  • I was finished with this before Lucy arrived, allowing me the chance to use it in a set of her newborn photos, blogged here (about 2/3rds down the post).
  • I sent this quilt out to be quilted. Her name is Terri and I have her email if anyone wants to use her. She was AMAZING. She free-hands the quilting on her long-arm machine, and for this, she stitched Lucy's name into the quilt several times. See one?
  • The rest of her quilting is flowers, leaves and hearts, with other loose swirls. SO CUTE.
  • The back fabric is my very favorite design from the Soul Blossoms, and I am still completely in love with it.

  • Lucy's quilt is folded and draped on her crib. She never uses it. So it is a pretty part of her room, but not a beloved or used quilt. That's my fault. I didn't want it to get "spoiled" or dingy, and so it doesn't even get used. I still love it and am so proud of it, but I wonder if I need to find a way to make it a part of LIFE more, you know?? It's hers... so when/if she decided she wants to snuggle with it or take it to college or whatever, I'll have to let it go anyway.
  • Until then, it stands as a testament to my stubborn will to make this very specific quilt despite not having any previous experience, and it is also an ode to my getting a daughter and the beginning of making pretty things for her. 
  • I love it.


 Meanwhile..... I'm coming back. I want to be here, blogging. I even jot notes down when I think of things I want to say... 
I have lots and LOTS of iPhone photos, and I've fallen into the trap of assuming if you read my blog, you probably follow me on Instagram or on Facebook, so you see all my daily things I am always posting. But maybe you don't. And maybe it's still good to come back to this spot to consolidate the photos and to give some context to them with some writing... I don't know. I know I WANT to be here more. 

I also find myself shocked, SHOCKED that it is MAY and I have five months of personal photos behind me for this year already, and very few of them edited or shared. SHOCKED. How is it MAY??

I have so much on my mind. So much to say. I need to make time for it. It is good for my soul, and just might help me work through the "crazy" I've been feeling lots of lately. 

I'm going to try. Try to come here and let it out. Let it flow, let it go. 

Til then, I actually DO have Quinn's quilt (and his 4-mo photos) to post tomorrow. I'm not even kidding. 

Yay, me!


  1. Well I follow you everywhere and still love it when you blog, it does make a difference when you add a little bit of "voice" to it all. PLUS, I cannot wait to see his quilt and his 4 month photos. FOUR MONTHS? What? How can it be!!!

  2. Gorg. I am so impressed. I sewed two pillow case slipcovers last night (badly) and barely made it through those, so I am so impressed by these quilts! You go, girl! The backing on this one is one of my favorites, and her name in there in the stitching?! TO DIE FOR. :)

    I love seeing you on FB and other social media, as well as the blog. So good to be connected.

    And so good to hear that someone else feels overwhelmed by life, too. Our pictures are YEARS behind...years. So five months, girlie? Not so bad! Go you!


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