A Week of Quilts- Day Three: The Vintage Sheet Quilt

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I've been working on blogging a Quilt-a-Day this week. We're on Day 3. Woohoo! Here are:

Today it's all about the:


This quilt is a simple little play quilt I made almost 2 years ago, after seeing my friend Jaime's version, here. Jaime helped me make my very first quilt, so it's only fitting that she continues to pave the way for my quilt journey and to inspire me with her charming ideas. My quilt is honestly basically a copycat quilt because I love hers so much. Down to the criss- cross X machine quilting through each square. 

My intentions for it were to have a play quilt I could lay down in the grass, at the park, in the yard, at church, ANYWHERE really, and not be too worried about it getting dirty or worn out. The beauty of vintage sheets is that they've been worn out and washed a thousand times already, so they're ready to handle even more wear and tear. 

I chose yellow for the border to make it a little less girly.... just in case I had any more baby boys one day. I know it's basically still super girly with all the florals, but I'd still plop Quinn on this. Also, gold-y yellow is such a classic vintage 70's color. It really tied the random sheet patterns together. 

My favorite thing about this is that when I needed a big piece of vintage sheet for the back, I just asked my mom to keep a lookout at her Goodwill for sheets that reminded her of her newlywed years, and she found EXACTLY what I needed. Perfect 1970's colors and pattern, just made to be added to my quilt top. Awesome. 


That's all I can muster today, folks... It's been rough, sleep-wise--- no one napped well today and I'm a bit exhausted from my own rough sleep last night...  It's all I can manage tonight to get this post up, and I am now headed to bed. With my luck, Quinn will read my mind and wake up just 42 minutes after I fall into a hard sleep.... and then just continue doing that for the duration of the night. Awesome. 

Someone leave me a cheerful comment. I think I need that kind of pick-me-up today. 

Thanks. Kisses. Goodnight.


  1. I love this! So cheery and perfect for those cute babies you keep making. Did you back the sheet pieces with anything to stabilize them?

  2. Loving the quilt posts! I think I might learn this summer how to make one.

  3. Amelia, I did not. I knew with the criss-cross stitch that they'd not be too loosey-goosey... so they seem pretty stable. So far so good. But its a good thing to consider for future projects. I know Joe's t-shirt quilt is seeing some tearing that we could not have predicted.

  4. I haven't seen this quilt before! I LOVE this idea for a run-around quilt! Very awesome! You are soo talented!

  5. I love all your quilts, they are gorgeous! Beautiful colors! Where do you get your vintage fabrics? I would love to sew something like that, but I would need to learn first. I'm a crochet gal, that's what my grandmas taught me. The poor-napping bug must have been going around, my youngest didn't nap well yesterday either.

  6. So, so cute. I am so continually impressed by you--you amaze me with your talents! And if misery loves company, I am with you on the lack of makes you delirious! I swear, the littles know just as soon as you're in a good sleep...that is when they strike. They sense weakness, no? :) Hugs to you!

  7. Of course I love your quilt, but where, oh where did you get those amazingly cute clothespins? Polka dots are so fun, no matter what they adorn...

  8. Marc came home today and I told him I was going to pour myself a glass of wine because it had been *that* kind of a day. He said "Yeah, me too!" to which I replied "So everyone at your office was crying today too?"

    Is it in the air? I don't know...but your cheerful quilt makes me smile, so at least today's clouds had a goldenrod yellow lining. :)


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