The Suit.

Friday, December 7, 2012

There once was this incredible baby swimming suit at one of those stores you can never afford, but can't help going into all the same... just to ogle. 

And there once was a mama who, knowing her next one was a girl, made the crazy decision to buy this amazing swimming suit for the yet-to-be-born girl. And she paid full price. 

And suddenly this amazing piece of clothing took on a weighty responsibility-- it wouldn't be enough for the baby to just WEAR the thing at a routine swimming pool....
No. There must be a PHOTO SHOOT. And it must be AMAZING! 

And with that, this swimming suit took on epic proportions and the requirements attached to it stretched and lengthened until, months after the baby girl was born, the mama still hadn't decided exactly how she'd memorialize this fabulous little swim suit. 

Indeed, the age came where the baby could finally fit the thing--- 12 months-- and summer was due.... and still, the epic Photo Session did not occur. Another month, then another... And the sweet girl made do with an ordinary-cute swimming suit for her many trips to the pool and splash park and lake and river... But this Epic Swimming Suit remained in her closet, tags on, WAITING. 

Oh what folly. 

Oh what vanity. 


The mama FINALLY got her crap together. 

At the end of August. 

Baby had been the right size for 4 months. Summer was basically over. 

And this lovely little suit got worn a total of TWO times. Once for these photos. And once, after, at the splash park. 

So yeah. 

At least the photos got taken. 

And okay, after all that hemming and hawing, they turned out supremely cute. And I love them. 

Which will have to do--- since this poor swimming suit, only worn twice, never earned its price tag. 

(I'd better have another daughter, is all I'm saying. Haha!)

So-- end of summer shenanigans with Lucy and her Amazing Swimming Suit:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 
And then a quick change to another outfit I'd been hoarding for this session... Another one she nearly grew out of waiting for me to shoot the darn thing... 

Photobucket Photobucket 

And of course, what would a Lucy session be without me revealing the truth of much of the shooting time? 


Meanwhile, life has been barreling past from the time I shot these in August (and well before that--- really from the moment I turned up pregnant in May).... And it's been a real chore to just keep up with the dailiness of my life. I am managing to keep the kids fed, clothed, happy, and mostly on-time to the things we need to do. 

I am (mostly) keeping up with work and clients and sessions and orders. Emails are harder, but I am trying. 

I am even managing to TAKE photos of my kids and take photos of our life and make memories with my family--- making time for outings and playtime and memorable things.... 

I just haven't been so great at managing to get to the task of posting and reporting and telling stories and sharing... And I miss that. A LOT. I find I am a happier, more balanced girl when I have time to write my tales down. To reflect and to revisit the photos and to come to some conclusions and to realize some hidden things in the life I've been living. 

And I find that for me at least, my stories really need to go hand in hand with photos to really be MY story. So the task of telling my tale is entwined with the task of culling and editing and preparing a few photos to go with it... And there I am. Waiting for the time. Which there isn't.

But meanwhile, life hasn't been bad. It's not so stressful that I am unhappy. It is just full. And constant. And the kids are both at an age where my sitting still and not directing my attention towards them doesn't work so well. So despite my lack of reflective time, I am happy. We are well. 

And somehow I make time for making things with my hands, watching movies, taking naps, spending time with friends, listening to music, creating memories with my kids.... 

I've just not been around here much to talk about it. 

So no complaints--- life is rich. 

And knowing how life cycles, I bet there is a season coming soon where I'll be back to write again. I'm betting it'll coincide with winter and a newborn and the forced hibernation of life with a brand-new one. 

Oh, and also my new iPhone, which has made me impossibly joyful about quick cell phone snapshots. See-- that alone will provide already-ready photo fodder for tales to come. 


Love to all... have a good weekend!



  1. Oh Emily! These are awesome! And that suit...paleeeze. Its amazing!

  2. Soooo cute...beyond words....the total package of the model, the suit and the setting...wowsa.

  3. Totally. Worth. It.

  4. Such Sweet Sweet Photo's Love them!

  5. I love!!!!!!!! I, too, have glanced at those types of adorable swimsuits (Janie and Jack, I'm guessing) with the swimhats...I love, love, love them! Scott looked at me like I had three eyes when I suggested that I should get one for my Lucy...but I do love, love, love them!!!!

    And your pictures are preciousness incarnate, as usual.

  6. Perfection indeed! That Lucy has so much personality and you seem to capture it in every photo!


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