Better Late Than Never?!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I had a crazy deadline yesterday that was not at all related to the "Mouse in a Tin" contest ... and somehow that mouse deadline got away from me. So here I am, 24 hours later, ready to reveal a winner of the cute little mouse and her Altoid tin bed. 

I took all the comments from the blog, added in the Facebook and Pinterest entries (based on you telling me you did it), and made my list of entrants: 

(this is a partial photo. Don't freak if you don't see your name)

I cut them all into single slips. 57 total. WOW! How fun to see some of you guys pop in to comment! I miss you! 

I had pajama'ed Noah draw the name:


Keri M (fourminicks)! You are my winner! That cute elf-girl of yours is getting a mouse in her stocking this year! :)

I'll email you privately to confirm, but thank you so much for entering!

And everyone else---- I can empower you that this is a do-able craft. It is even do-able with full on hand stitching and no sewing machine. So if you've got your heart beating faster at the though that you still want one.... Get to it! 


A few tips:

1. Altoid tins. You don't have to eat a bunch of mints to do this. Many scrapbooking stores now sell these tins clean and fresh. Or you can get them online here, only 86 cents! (plus shipping): Specialty Bottle Hinged Tins

2. Use felt and fleece. These fabrics don't fray and will not need any sewing or hemming when used for the blankets and lining of the tin. 

3. Use fabric glue to attach cute ribbon if you want to decorate your blanket without extra sewing. 

4. You can actually use paper to stuff a little pillow or mouse if you don't have batting. Or you can use cotton balls, or scrap fabric. 

5. Even rough, wonky hand-stitching can be super cute, so don't be ashamed to just go for it. 

6. I will totally scan my little rough patter pieces I whipped up if someone wants a mouse-body starting point. 

7. Skip the teddy bear if you want your sanity. It was tedious to trace, to cut, AND to sew.

8. If you don't know how to embroider, you can add a face with fabric paint. (Avoid sharpies. They still bleed a bit on fabric.)

9. Line the inside lid and bottom with scrapbook paper and use Modge Podge to glue it in and seal it. 

10. Don't make you mouse as fat as mine and you won't even NEED a lid-band to hold it closed. 

11. If you happen to be sewing-savvy and want any other tips on the machine-sewing parts of this project, email me and I'll happily answer questions for you! 


EVERYONE should have a mouse of their own... I am empowering you to try!

Merry Holiday Season, and thanks for playing! I love my blog, and you guys are a huge part of why.

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