I'm So Sorry to Be a Bit Scarce:

Monday, June 25, 2012

We've been busy around here...
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The Lucy Mud Occasion happened one evening while Noah was out of town at Grandma and Grandpa's house for a few days. LuLu was helping me water plants and seemed hell-bent on finding the dirtiest spots in the yard. So I gave up deflecting her attempts and stripped her down and let her have at it. She was in heaven. 

And it reminded me that kids wash off quite easily. So what harm is a little mud play? 

So the Noah Mud Event happened this past week when I let him have free reign of the dust hole in our yard. Total free reign. (Well, okay, no-- I did plead with him not to SIT in the mudpit.) And he was utterly delighted. 

And he also hosed off quite nicely. 

Lessons in letting go and loosening up a little. 

Meanwhile, we are getting ready to head out of town for two weeks. So if I've been scarce lately, that trend will have to continue. We've got some road-trippin', family and friend visiting, junk-food eating, mountain-viewing, trying to stay flexible adventuring ahead of us. We'll see you on the flip side.


  1. Indian Camp Creek Park just north of Wentzville off of 64/40 has a great place for mud playing. There is a windmill that draws water from a lake and drips it into an area with sand and mud. Large concrete frogs and small iron cast turtles and lizards are scattered throughout the area. We took Baylee (15 mos.) a few weeks ago and she loved it! I got the best pics of her covered in mud and splashing through the muddy water. It really is worth your drive.

  2. The boys sure had a good time with Noah, Emily. Thank you so much for taking your Sunday and spending it with us. It meant the world to me.


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