February Flashback- Lucy, 10 Months Old

Friday, June 1, 2012

One last session from before Lucy's 1st birthday... a little set I'd had in mind based off of this Pinterest photo. I loved it so much that I commissioned a very similar hat from the ever-impressive Farrah Jobling, who did an amazing job. 
And then one not-super-chilly February day, I used my new "front-door studio" and my snowflake branch (for a few shots) and my favorite grey backdrop paper, and made some magic with my Lucy. Sweet, blue-eyed Lucy, utterly irresistible in the soft purple cap and her soft baby skin...those silly bottom teeth:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Oh, even just one of the above photos would have been more than enough. But Lucy gave me so many sweet moments before she finally had had enough. This trio of shots shows her decline. Ha!


And for fun, here are some "behind the scenes" shots, featuring:

1. Her super goopy nose, which Joe and I kept wiping to keep the snot out of the photos.
2. The open front door and the space heater
3. The toy chicken that kept her happy for most of the shots I needed, but which I finally had to relinquish to her actual hands to get any last shots. She LOVES that thing. It's so goofy.

How is it that these photos were already 4 months ago? I still see this exact sweet face in my mind, every time I picture her... Never mind that now she has her prominent 4 top teeth  and so much hair that I can't get through a day without pinning it back or putting it in a topknot pigtail... 
My baby keeps growing.... A super fast crawler now, (still not walking) so I've not even attempted formal photos in a while. (Though I have a session planned for next week. I'm getting excited!)

I'm rambling now... point is, it feels good to have finally wrapped up her first year of photo sessions. And it is, as always, bittersweet to see them grow and change. These children of mine. They are so dear to me... What a blessing it is to be their mama.


  1. She is DARLING!!! your kids are crazy photogenic! Can't wait to see you!!!!

  2. I love this shoot!!!! What a beautiful child and beautiful setup!! Can you tell me what color seamless you've got there? It's heavenly!


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