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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This photo was from a couple of weeks ago, when Joe, Noah and I took a little mini-trip to the zoo. It was a lovely afternoon, and Noah even fell asleep in the stroller for a little bit, which is always nice!

I am currently sitting at my computer in the darkening evening, very casual, procrastinating editing some photos before I leave town... and I am utterly AMAZED that my baby boy is STILL awake in his room, kicking the sides of his crib and chatting to himself, when Joe and I laid him down SLEEPY an hour and a half ago. NINETY minutes!! And he has been kicky and chatty off and on ever since. Hasn't dozed... Nothing. Is this a side effect of baby Motrin? Sleeplessness? Because he's not crying. He doesn't even seem to be acknowledging teething pain, so the Motrin is doing its job... But seriously, kid. The vigorous kicking sounds emanating from your room signify to me that not only are you not asleep, you are NOWHERE NEAR it. Ack!

Tonight, I have to finish editing a batch of photos, finish packing for Noah and myself (which is nearly done), tie up loose ends here at home, shower, and get SOME sleep so that tomorrow isn't AWFUL... because driving cross-country with a teething baby, a night-shift husband, and a sleepy mama is a recipe for disaster!

So as you can deduce from all the mentions here in this blog post, we are headed out of town tomorrow. The babe, the hub, and me, driving to Arizona. Oh, only about 23 hours or so. Did I mention we're bringing the baby? Yeah. I'm a bit terrified.

Our game plan is to stop frequently, take stretch breaks, and rotate sitting in the back with him to keep him entertained and help soothe him to sleep for naps. (Update: Still kicking. MAN, this kid is boycotting sleep!! How will he do tomorrow?????) We'll crash overnight somewhere and split the journey in two, and hopefully we won't be tearing our hair out by the time we reach Payson, AZ, the site of my family reunion.

The trip is going to span two weeks, with 4 days of driving, 3 days in Arizona, and a full week in Utah. We might be crazy, and I think we might never travel again after this, but cross your fingers for us. Pray for Noah and his teething, not-going-to-bedness. :) Hopefully we'll all survive intact, and maybe even have fun stories to tell and good photos to share.

Okay, okay.... enough randomness and procrastinating. When I get back from my trip, my goal is to be a more regular blogger again. I don't promise batches and batches of cupcakes or project after project... but rest assured there will be lots of photos, as usual, and a few stories of my little life here and there.

Till then....


  1. Have a safe and fun trip!! And thank you again for the AWESOME turtle blanket -- we all LOVE it!

    I will be immortalizing you on my blog for it, but I think I'll wait until you're back to enjoy it.

    And, the car does wonders for sleepy babes....hopefully it will work for Noah -- we also find that cracking the windows helps -- the noise the breeze makes is soothing.

    And takes LOTS of photos of Noah and Nolan!!


  2. drive safely and have a fantastic time!!! we'll be making a smiliarly long drive with our babe in august, but luckily car rides seems to HELP with tired kiddos. :)

  3. Oh, I am gonna miss you & your accessibility! Dad said when I was a baby, they feared stoplights turning red because I was so good until the car stopped, and putting me in a moving car was the only solution to when I'd cry nonstop. (Not just ANY moving car...they wouldn't toss me into a passing Pinto just to shut me up. They'd use their own Bug. You know.)

    Hopefully Noah's the same (though not so overdramatic about the stopping)!

    Inexplicably, I feel like watching an episode of "Coach." That's weird. I don't even really like that show. Could I have a secret thing (unbeknownst even to my conscious) for Craig T. Nelson?

  4. that long of a car ride with a teething baby sounds miserable, although i hate to say that! :)

    have you tried the numbing gels like ambesol for infants on his teeth? that helped the girls... and constant tylenol!

    also, does he like baby einstein videos yet? have you tried them? he's at the age the girls started watching them when i needed a moment and investing in a portable DVD player could work wonders! we got a cheap one at walmart we use on all our road trips!!!

    good luck! i'll be thinking about you guys and missing your posts! and i'll have a baby when you get back! how crazy is that? :)

  5. Good luck Emily! I'm sure the trip will be just fine.

    I LOVE that picture of you and Noah at the zoo. It is soooo cute!

    Enjoy your trip. I hope the BBC withdrawl symptoms aren't too bad!

  6. as a veteran traveler with small children (including infants) i have a few bits of advice. if you're nursing, take a hand pump and pump right into the bottle (if he'll take one) and feed him that way if you're trying to work on getting places. (i did that with andrew and it worked pretty well) second, infants are incredibly good travelers. because they don't need to get out and run or jump or anything like that. baby einstein dvds are awesome. toys for him to play with and books. and unless he's screaming, he should be just fine in that seat. i drove from TX to AZ and on to CA all by my lonesome with both the kids. the two of you can do it!! i just wish you were coming my direction. i think it will be easier than you think!!! good luck!!

  7. Are you driving thorugh Colorado? If you are we would love to have you guys over for dinner! Or we can meet up somewhere. Denver is so beautiful, you should include it in one of your stretch breaks!

  8. I hope you have a wonderful trip! That's a beautiful picture of the two of you!

  9. have fun, drive safe!! and seriously, fill us in on the details when you get back so we know what to do for our megatrip :) beautiful picture as ever.

  10. I agree with the other poster peoples. . . You will be great. Noah's going to do great. I'm sending lots of great road trip vibes your way.

    I'm so excited to finally meet you guys!!

  11. You are coming to Utah??? I don't know if you will see this, but email me at so we can meet for dinner or lunch or something and meet eachother's children. Email me!

  12. I know you probably already left for your big I hope it is going well! And if you by chance come though Vegas I would love to see you and do lunch or you are welcome to stay and have a pit stop at my house. I really want to hold that cute kid of yours. Email me and we can exchange phones -

  13. Have fun on your trip! And take lots of pictures. =)
    Cute photo by the way.

  14. you'll be fine, MOSTLY!

    ha ha, wish we were going to the reunion, too...although NOT in the same car as the baby!

    ...been there....done THAT...not doing it AGAIN! (but then never know!) HAH

  15. YEAH to fun trips! we'll be taking ours in the near future...take lots of photos to show off when you get back!!

  16. Hey, all! We made it to Arizona! Mostly intact!! (Just kidding... Noah slept TERRIBLY the first night on the road, but slept GREAT last night at our destination.)Thanks for all the well-wishes! They make me really happy!!

  17. Hope you're having a wonderful time with family and friends!

  18. It will be fine and you will make memories. Way to go for it. Have lots of fun and be safe. I miss you and wish I was going to be in Utah when you pass through! ugh...


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