Joe is Sick. :(

Thursday, February 8, 2007

He is sniffling, a bit nauseous, dizzy every time he stands up... Blah. I feel bad for the kid.

But he is really self-sufficient, so every time I ask if I can do something, he really has nothing to suggest.

So I am just vegg-ing out with him.

Tomorrow is friday. Jeans day. But my favorite jeans have a tear I need to fix first, so i don't know WHAT to wear. None of my clothes have been fitting right lately and that TERRIFIES me. I don't like the feeling that i might be going UP a size. And NO, I'm not preggo, so no excuses.


But I DO like my life. Just not my pants.


  1. Heya sorry to hear about joe, bummer, hope he feels better soon. And if it makes the jeans thing lesser on your mind, everyone knows and says full well you're by far the cutest teacher at and on the side, i am sorry about slackin on getting you class, i kinda want to explain so i'll cya tomorrow and maybe do that. im sorry. lots of love

  2. "But I DO like my life. Just not my pants.", funny. I love you Em!

  3. Funny- he looks oddly "un-sick" in that picture...

  4. all right, smart aleck Steven... he's NOT sick in THAT pic. I thought it would be slightly annoying to him in his sick state to shove a camera into his snotty nose and ask him to say, "cheese". Okay?

    Loves out to Jewlia and Kate. :)

  5. Charyce7:47 PM

    I guess according to our mutual friend, Melody- you and I are somehow creative synched! She sent me your blog to prove her point. I am so inspired! LOVE your photography and funny sense of things. [Thanks for the post of your Piles, now I am motivated to do the same.]
    I think we must be connected, because from this picture of your man and man's best friend, I am certain you stole my dog!
    We have a little poochie that looks just like yours. Ours is named Mo-Joe, named after the state we loved so much (Missouri), and because he thinks he is "all that."
    Anyway, I will have to keep checking in on your blog for more creative motivations!
    And I will secretly be laughing tonight when I think about your Jeans comment. :)
    Nice meeting ya!



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