I Am Tired of Cold.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

{where are the warm, sunny days?}

Music I have been loving lately:

1. Chris Botti- Jazz trumpet... so sexy.

2. My students' mix CDs they made for a project:
i get blends of music i would NEVER think of making myself.

3. The Cold Mountain Soundtrack:
love the folk, with it's raw sound, love the instrumental orchestra stuff for its passion.

Things I am Looking Forward To:

1. My Blurb book about our trip to Europe- I just ordered it online, and we should get it in a WEEK! YAY!! A coffee table book all by me me me!(ask me to see it. I will GLADLY do so.)

2. The new (and last) Harry Potter book. July 21!!!!!

3. Our road trip to Utah and Vegas in July. We'll be camping in the state parks in between the two weeks, so feel free to join us in Zion's or Bryce's.

4. My sophomores' research papers to be DONE and graded. Anyone wanna help? I'll pay you.

5. Spring. The little tulip and daffodil blooms poking their heads up.

Things I Don't Like Right Now:

1. Mornings. When it is still dark.

2. My friends all living in places other than St. Louis.

3. Joe's car window being smashed by vandals Sunday night. Luckily, nothing was taken. Unluckily, it cost $200 to fix.

4. It being too cold to really spend any time outside. Cabin Fever.

Anyways.... That's all for now.
I can't WAIT for my BLURB book!!!


  1. We just saw Chris Botti two weeks ago in Salt Lake City, and we were able to get really great seats. It was amazing, I haven't felt that good in a long time, the emotion he evokes...mmmmmm.

  2. his music is downright SEXY.

  3. Thanks for the great pick me up this morning. I spent the last hour getting caught up on your blog. Your an amazing woman Em. I'm inspired. For me it's easy to let my opinions and preferences kind of take a back seat to those of my husband and kid's... so this week I am going to be more alive and allow myself some room. Thanks for that.
    Love ya..


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