Do I really Have to Go To School Tomorrow?

Monday, February 19, 2007

It's been a long, good weekend.

Friday was a half-day at school, so it felt easy. That afternoon, joe and Kate S. and I went to see Music and Lyrics (good-- made me laugh out loud) at the theater. In the evening, my sister Elise came in from Indiana to hang out for a couple of days. We stayed up talking, Joe went to work. Saturday, Elise went to the temple, met up with my parents, who came to town for the day, and they all came back to spend the afternoon.

Dad, Mom, Elise and I went to Macaroni Grill for lunch... yum... (glad i don't work there anymore!!) And then we went to ABC jewelry. It was Mom's first time. She was AWED. Amazingly, she even bought herself a few things!!

We went back home, hung out with Joe (who had been sleeping off his night shift) for a little while, then said farewell to Mom and Dad.

Joe, Elise and I watched Taledega Nights on DVD (pretty funny...), then Joe headed off to work again. Elise and I went on a midnight jaunt to Wal-Mart, then back home to watch Mission Impossible on DVD. Late, late in the night, we went to bed.

Sunday was church, Primary with the little kids, and driving the missionaries home afterwards. Joe went to sleep right after, Elise and I had lunch, rested, then she headed back to Indiana.
After Joe's nap, he and I went to visit with his mom and dad and sister, and enjoy a chili dinner at their house.

Today was all about sleeping in, breakfast at Denny's, wandering the aisles of Target for fun, and then a relaxing afternoon of lounging, watching The Guardian on DVD, and napping.
Now, Joe is BACK at work, and I am sitting, trying not to turn on the TV for company, sifting through blogs and other random websites.... feeling melancholy at the end of a relaxing weekend. Missing Joe, not wanting to go to school. Wanting Spring to be here.

Not sure what else would make me feel better.

Double-stuff oreos, maybe.

A massage?


That's all.


  1. how about ice cream? that always makes me feel better. or a good book that you can really get into. go and buy yourself some daffodils. just seeing them reminds me that spring is coming, and that i can make it until then.

  2. The Guardian was better than movie reviewers said. Ashton Kutcher acted pretty well in this one. I really want to see Talladega Nights. So many movies - so little time.

  3. Yes you have too. Period. Stop making excuses. No really, stop. I'm serious. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah (hand in your face) I don't want to hear it. Em, that's enough, you just have too. hehehe.

  4. I know the feeling. I didn't want to go to school today, but knowing it's going to be early release for us tomorrow really gets me motivated.

    Hey, do you still have my Ditty Bops CD?


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