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Saturday, November 11

reviewing my not-so-little blessings this week:

1. Friends. Specifically, Katie Benson and Genny Dawson, for sending me love in the form of treats in the mail. These caramel apples were shipped in a refrigerated box all the way from utah from Katie... as a "cheer-up" surprise. They are so pretty, i haven't yet been able to eat one. maybe today.

2. Home. My little nest in the attic of the Masonic Lodge. It might not always be clean, or "magazine-perfect", but it is so warm and inviting and full of little treasures... It is a healing spot for me. This little spot is the "green-thumb-practice zone", where i attempt to keep plants alive and my parakeet fed.

3. My NEW CAMERA! This is my lovely lovely Canon digital SLR, which came in the mail this week after a three-month wait. I have been in HEAVEN, playing with it, practicing all it's tricks, and basically just trying to master the most basic functions. *SO* exciting!!!

sexy, too, eh?

4. Autumn in my neighborhood. Stunning, inspiring, ever-changing, bittersweet... Such a joy to be able to watch this yearly cycle and remember that everything eventually DOES renew itself... (even my poor, beat-up little body).

It's time for y'all to read Education of Little Tree again... if it's been awhile.
If you have NEVER read it, you must.

all in all, i have too many blessings to be in a funk for long.
thank you.


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