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Friday, November 10

long time, no blog....

wow.... some of that early blog passion has obviously faded. I guess i don't know if anyone even checks it out, and if i am only using this as a "journal" or a place to vent, it's not somewhere i want to spend much time...
'cause if i dwell or vent or purge or whatever, i am afraid i would just let myself get more and more negative... so i tend to avoid this place.

Plus, i haven't felt very inspired, creatively, so i don't have many pictures to post.

it's been a weird two weeks.
Miscarriage will do that to a life, i guess. *sigh*

(and i didn't even post that i was pregnant. so. all you lurkers. there's the news.)

i guess to try to put a positive spin on this downer blog entry, I'll throw in some of my latest scrapbook pages i've done. it's been good therapy
(click on any layout to see a bigger version of it):

[dedicated to our
quirky Masonic apartment]

[joe's little bro David...]

[my newly-preggo page...
leap of faith to create it,
since it was so early, still risky.]

[joe was having a rough post-miscarriage day...
so i made a page for him.
it has sad song lyrics on it.]

[crazy about soccer.... ain't he cute??]


  1. I look at these scrapbook pages and am inspired. YOU should be writing a "how-to" scrapbook mag. I look at your blog daily. I've been sad that you haven't posted, but understand. Thinking of you everyday.

  2. sarah... man i love ya. thank you for even the littlest things you do. Like leave blog comments.