happy holiday weekend!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I am SO excited to have this long weekend away from work and near my amazing family. I am going to take Julina's, Elise's, and Steven's photos, since it's been FOREVER since they've had a real picture done. I'm also going to take our family picture and my friend Genny's family picture. Joe and I will get to hang out with Melody and her little family on Friday. I get to eat my favorite sandwich ever, a turkey reuben grinder from a yummy sandwich shop in Columbia...
I get to get crafty and creative with my sis beckie and my sis-in-law mary and my mom...
I get to listen to christmas carols for the official start of the season, watch movies, and play games with the family...

I am so so so ready for this little holiday.

Love to you all! Hope it is perfect for you, too.

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