Quinn is Five

Thursday, January 18, 2018

 Quinn Atticus is five years old today. Quinn is:

Currently enamored with bats, particularly his classic Beanie Baby "Batty".

Totally into the cartoon series Gravity Falls. He wants to re-watch episodes daily. 

Incredibly tender and kind with his baby sister Larkin. He loves seeing her grow and change. 

Still totally into potty and body words... Just pushing the envelope enough to be irritating, not necessarily naughty. 

Tall and lean-- he's almost as tall as Lucy, and he's got her shoe size beat by a size.  

Not into wearing jeans or having his hair combed, but is pretty in love with his new footie jammies and his new slippers from Christmas.

He loves breakfast best, and would have it three meals a day if he could. 

Getting better and writing and drawing. He's had kind of had a weak grip and wobbly lines, and that is still there, but he's steadily improving. And I really think he's going to be a leftie. 

Into Legos and Pokemon and Minecraft and Terraria-- and his big brother Noah. In fact, I know that his hero-worship of his big brother guides his interests a great deal. He also imitates Noah's talk of Illuminati and his habit of changing song lyrics to be more obnoxious. 

Starting to be interested in nature shows and "science books", the bigger non-fiction (but still highly illustrated) books that Noah has always loved. 

Really into the music I've been playing from The Greatest Showman and Dear Evan Hansen-- he requests specific songs from both and I see him working on memorizing the lyrics and really singing along with feeling. It's so neat!

Becoming best buddies with Lucy, which is amazing to me after most of their history being one of rivalry (mostly instigated by Lucy. Quinn has always wanted to be her friend.)  Lucy is finally softening her prickles and they talk and play together a lot. 

Fun, funny, sweet, mostly chill.... such a great kiddo. He's going to be an amazing 5-year-old-- I can't wait to see what's ahead for him. ♥

Happy birthday, sweet Quinn-- thank you for being wonderful, marvelous you!

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