2017 Year in Review for Emily Southerland Photography

Monday, January 22, 2018

2017 was a wonderful year for Emily Southerland Photography. Always just the right amount of clients to keep me busy, but not overwhelm the tentative balance of my family's rhythm (usually). Always a steady stream of newborns to coo over and snuggle, between the families, the babies, the kids,  and the handful of incredibly awesome seniors I see each year. And always one or two weddings (usually of people I love enough to break my "I don't do weddings" rule for!). 

I'm grateful for my clients. For the ones who trust me the first time, and most especially for the ones who come back, time and again, and still find my work has value for them. I love my work of trying to draw out authentic smiles and real interactions. I love being able to help my clients tell a piece of their story through photographs. 

I'm not yet hungry for more. More acclaim, more recognition, more referrals, more work. I'm not yet itchy to change my path... my prices, my style, my equipment. Hopefully that doesn't feel stagnant to any of you out there... because for me, it feels like if I continue to do exactly what I've been doing for a while now, I still have so much room to grow and to learn and to listen to. I think there is still a place for me to find fulfillment, right where I'm at. I hope that rings true in the images I share. I hope my photos of other people bring as much joy to them as my own photos of my family bring to me. 

It is good work to be doing, and I am forever grateful that I get to continue along this path. 

Happy 2018! Will I be seeing your family this year?


  1. You have too much talent. Seriously, stop hogging all the talent.

  2. All so beautiful! So proud of you

  3. All these are fantastic! Of course, I LOVE all the Larkin photos, and the Harry Potter baby is just precious. But seriously, my favorite? The baseball baby! I still just can't get over that one! <3

    (And we may have to see about maybe trying a mini-session in 2018... Maybe even one with all your kiddos!)

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