Introducing Larkin Clementine- 8.30.16

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Since we're coming up on two weeks since our sweet little lady came into the world, perhaps I should remember to introduce her here on my blog! Meet Larkin Clementine, our 4th little one to join our family. She is already completely engraved upon our hearts, and we are so happy to have her here, healthy, safe, and well. I'll take some time to write her birth story in the coming weeks, and you *know* I've been taking approximately THOUSANDS of photos of her already-- both phone snaps and "big camera" portraits... So I will try to chip away at those and share them here in the coming weeks as well. 

For now, this is just an introduction and a welcome, an announcement of our sweetest littlest lady. And though a handful of photos never seems enough, here are a few for now.

And I officially now have FOUR kids. Oh geez. Pray for me. Ha. 



  1. I love your family. Do beautiful.

  2. Congratulations! Your family is beautiful - you must feel so blessed. :-)

    And tired. You must feel tired too. ;-)


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