Five For Friday: Goodbye, Summer

Saturday, August 29, 2015

For this week's Five for Friday--

Some last images of our summer.... Because even though we technically have a few more days of August, the start of school effectively nipped the summer vibe in the rear. I am really glad for the new routines and the fresh schedules.... But I also already miss the looseness and freedom and togetherness we had all summer. Anyone else? 

We didn't do any major trips or things this summer, but I think we still managed to rock it. Between trips to Six Flags, Johnson's Shut Ins, swimming lessons, City Garden, Ballwin pool, time in Columbia, Mo, Grant's Farm, the zoo, the Science Center, using our own back yard for camping, fire pit fires, wading pool time, slip n slide, sponge bomb wars.... Metrolink adventuring, playgrounds, food trucks, the Meadow, the Magic House, Ballwin Days, lots and lots of Lego time, Monkey Joe's, the movies.... So many good memories this summer. So marvelous-- this particular season with my kids at these particular ages. 

I'm excited for fall--- it is my absolute favorite time of year, and I almost ache with the anticipation of it all.... But these five photos give me a hefty dose of natsukashii, and it is joyful and sad and fleetingly lovely to look at them tonight... And I say a prayer of gratitude for all of it. 

Night night... 

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