Pumpkin Patching

Sunday, October 19, 2014

On the first sunny day of last week, I took Quinn and Lucy and we headed to Rombach's Pumpkin Farm in Chesterfield, MO to meet Lucy's preschool class for some fun. Despite some leftover mud (a LOT of leftover mud!!) and a reluctant Lulu in the presence of her classmates, we managed to have a pretty good time! And I managed to grab some photos of my littles before we got too busy. October is my favorite, and so are those elusive "pumpkin patch photos"... so the following set of images just make my heart happy. The only thing missing is my Noah, tucked in his first-grade classroom that day. So I included a couple of cute photos of him from later in the day, when he got home, just so he can be a part of this blog post, too. ♥ And we have an Eckert's trip planned in about a week where Noah can come too, so I am making sure he gets this little slice of Octoberness, too.

{Don't look away for a second, or you will miss those rare moments these two crazies can be next to each other without fireworks!! I'm particularly endeared by that hand-holding, because it is a TOTAL LIE. She is either too mean-- pushing and kicking him away-- or she is too handsy in a "Quinn, do this!" kind of way. Le sigh.}

{Oh, that big boy of mine, with his gappy teeth and a book in hand. I love him like crazy.}



  1. I've said it before but it begs to be said again - you have the world's most adorable kids captured in awesome pictures! Love that gap-toothy smile of Noah's too :-). I hope your patch pictures with Noah turn out just as well!

  2. I like Noah's Batman socks! And the hand-holding photo, even if it is false. There was one photo of Quinn that reminded me of you at that age - the first one of him after Lucy among the big pumpkins - on the right.


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