The Rains Came Down, So We Went Puddle Hunting

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Yesterday, a huge storm blew through in the late afternoon, thwarting my plans to take the kids to beat the heat at a splash fountain after naptimes. This storm was a DOOZY-- lots of thunder, crazy winds, and some of the heaviest rain I've seen in years. In direct result of this crazy storm, I was treated to some really lovely snuggles from the kiddos. Quinn, who is hating thunder so much these days, was especially content to stay close to me. I'd gotten him from his crib after his nap, and Lucy had trailed in after me, and both were so perfectly content to sit on my lap in the glider rocker while we listened to lullabies on the sound machine and watched the trees blow in the wind. Not too long after, Noah found his way into Quinn's small room to be near us, playing on the iPad for his screen time, and we had a cozy hour in that little room, just being together and marveling at Mother Nature. 

By the time the storm moved into a hail phase, Quinn had finally wriggled free, so we all headed downstairs to watch the hail from our front door. When everything lightened up again, I asked the kids if they wanted to go find some puddles and play in the water here, since we didn't get to go play at the park like we'd originally planned. 

I have to say-- sometimes the Universe has other plans for us, and sometimes those plans are even better than the original one. 

(Grandma got this little angel for the front yard flowerbed because it reminded she and I of Lucy. So Lucy calls it the Lulu Angel.)


  1. what great memories you made. I still vividly remember playing in puddles after a Texas cloudburst when I was a little girl

  2. Love those kind of days <3 Spontaneous beauty!


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