Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ohmigourd it's been 18 days since I blogged. 

Don't worry--- it's also been about seven days since I swept the dining room...
12 days since I did the kid laundry. 
A month since I changed the sheets on most of the beds. 
18 months since my last dentist appt. 

Back to the most recent things.... I am just trying to sort, cull, pack and label this houseful of Southerland Stuff before I leave Joe and his crew to tackle the actual move while I drive cross-country with my three babies and my two parents to a family reunion in AZ. The timing of ALL of this STINKS. 

Life is mad mad mad mad mad. 

As per usual, my mind won't stop even as my hands remain crazy-busy... I have so many thoughts about moving and packing and dreaming and  accumulating and simplifying and such....

But I am



Just keeping my kids alive and dressed and not stinky is hard enough. But add in packing and photography sessions and my sister's wedding and another sister's visit and the end of Noah's preschool year on top of the usual daily requirements and I am just.............pooped. 


Be patient with me. 

I am here. 

I am just not HERE here.

Ya know?

(If you get to missing my little world, Instagram is a happy place to visit me. I am known to post at LEAST 9 times a day.... usually because I am nursing Quinn and don't have anything else I can do. So I cull iPhone photos and edit them and post too many to Instagram/Facebook. So come visit me there if you feel like I am not fulfilling your needs here at the moment. ZAYNEELADY | )

But keep me in your Google Reader-Until-July-1/then-switch-to-Feedly.... Because I will be back here. I vow it.


  1. I have been wondering about you...but didn't want to add pressure to your demanding life. Glad to know you are well and busy. Busy is good... "idle hands are the Devil's work space." I hope you enjoy your family reunion!

  2. I had checked in occasionally, but knew you were crazy busy with EVERYTHING! Wow, it all just hit at once, didn't it, but that's how it usually goes. Hope things go smoothly for you all - the wedding, the trip, the move - and that it settles down soon for you!

    Love the pictures! I can't get over how cute your kiddos are!


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