Wednesday, September 20, 2006

this is what i WISH i could do all day for seven days in a row....
Because all of a sudden my life seems to be spiraling out of control. Meetings, obligations, house upkeep, Mason dinners, church stuff, grading papers (*blugh*), laundry, etc. etc..... And it all seems to happen in one big clot. So I feel stretched. And i am out of practice being stretched after a long luxurious summer off.... GRRRR!

And it is becoming my favorite season, and feels so great outside, but i am so rarely free to just soak it in, that i am grieving it... watching it pass me by.

Maybe i am just super grumpy today since i am just now, at 8:50 pm, getting home from an entire day in my freezing classroom and high school library... TRAPPED.

Tomorrow will be better. I will make it so. Lots of deep breaths, maybe some loud music, and
any other mini-joy i can find in the day. Maybe a Mountain Dew.
Maybe a nap, like in this picture.

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