Back in the Springtime: A Tea Party MiniSession With My Girls and Their Daddy

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Back in the springtime, I had the chance to book someone pretty special for a mini session with my girls. More than ten years ago, I was Sonni's high school English teacher, and she was a wise-beyond-her-years, poised, charming teenager. So smart. So talented at whatever she tried. Fast forward a decade, and Sonni McCune, of McCune and Co. Photography, is a polished and talented photographer and a wife (to another former student!!) and mother to a cute daughter just a little older than Larkin. She rocks the weddings and loves to photograph families and little children, too. 

It's been so neat to follow her journey as well as her business accounts on Instagram and Facebook, and when she advertised this sweet tea party mini session, using a beautiful image of her own husband and daughter (seriously, click the link to her website to see it for yourself-- it's one of the first photos!), I knew I wanted a spot in her lineup. I knew, just because of her one sample image, that I wanted my own Joe to be in a few of the photos. And I knew I was going to be so lucky to get new photos of my beautiful girls where I didn't have to do ANY OF THE WORK. Ha! 

See for yourselves-- Sonni is magic, and so are these photos. I love them! (And please don't let the months-later posting of them be any indication of how I feel about them...I'm just always behind when it comes to ANY photo sharing, mine or others. Yikes.)

Not just the adorable tea party moments.... but also the farmhouse steps... the field of flowers... the twirling, the little Larkin smooches... Sisters together. All of it. I am so lucky. These photos are a gift, and these three beloveds of mine are a gift. Thank you for taking the time to peek.


  1. I just love all of these SO much--I love the contrast between Lucy's blue eyes and Larkin's dark brown ones; I love the charming setup and the whimsical feel; I love the goofiness of some of the photos and the sweet sincerity of the others... I'm not sure a favorite truly is possible, they are all so beautiful. But I do think the two that come closest (at least for me) are the two where Joe is looking at each of his daughters in turn, and both are looking up at him (and maybe even looking up to him) with such love in their eyes and expressions.
    I love that you were able to get such great pictures AND that you didn't even have to do all the work, ha!

  2. The girls are so sweet.I have also two cute girls. They are so nutty. I Love them.


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