Larkin and the Little Red Book

Sunday, March 3, 2019

  • Because she is always grabbing this Chaucer book off of my little book display. 
  • Because she happened to match the book on this February morning. 
  • Because I had done her hair in anticipation of heading out the door on errands. 
  • Because she chose the rain boots herself. 
  • Because every time we put on her Totoro socks, she and I sing the Totoro song. 
  • Because I always have a child's chair handy.
  • Becuase the front door open lets in just the right amount of light. 
  • Because she won't be this little forever.
  • Because I adore having her as my daily sidekick for this beautiful time we have left before the world scoops her up. 

Unplanned, perfectly wonderful photos from my spunky, darling, fun 2.5 year old on an average winter weekday.


1 comment:

  1. My heart just asploded from joy and delight at this fantastically adorable photo session!


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