I Want:

Thursday, January 17, 2019

I want:
A pedicure.
To make a quilt.
To nap and read endlessly until I actually get bored of napping and reading.
Delicious beef, beautifully prepared.
An easy time of day to get outside for regular walks.
An easy time of day to get outside in the wild with my kids.
To give my kids the experience of ice skating without the inevitably 
awful learning period where all of them are falling and HATING IT.
Game night with good friends.
Someone to play with my hair and scratch/massage my scalp.
Time and energy to tackle decluttering in my basement.
Time and energy to photograph and post items for sale online.
To find the $30 cash back I lost this weekend.
To go to the movies. Several times.
A road trip with Joe.
Someone to make dinners for us every day.
New prints for my 3x3 photo wall.
To sing harmony with people.
To play with some kittens.
To stretch.
To stand somewhere magical.
Photo: happened to find some good light on our snow play day last weekend. I "selfed" it with the big camera, and  nabbed a few I actually like. Ta da. 

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1 comment:

  1. I love you and miss you.

    A few things I want?

    To visit Missouri and family.
    For it to stop raining and turn into snow.
    To go on an adventure that costs me nothing but my time.
    To curl up and take a long nap.


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