Four Yahoos

Monday, August 13, 2018

On the eve of the kids' first day back to school, this year featuring THREE of the four getting on that school bus, I wanted to say a few things. 
1. While I am READY and thrilled to send Noah, Lucy and Quinn on their way, and have fantasized frequently about what life might look like with just me and the Larkin-girl toodling around town all day every day, I'm grateful for summer break and for all the time we've had together. 

2. Even when that time together made the house kind of a mess. 

3. And kind of loud. 

4. And a little challenging.

5. Like, not easy to run errands with all four all the time. 

6. Still, these kiddos are pretty neat humans, and I sure love them. Love being with them. Love seeing them grow, watching their minds work, seeing what tickles their funny bones. 

7. So on the eve of the kids' first day back to school, (alternate name: the eve of the Era of Larkin and Mom Painting the Town) I just wanted to post a handful of photos of them in their natural summer environment, eating a late breakfast of cold cereal, being goofy/cute/silly/marvelous. We won't get this season back, and next year they'll all be even older and even more themselves... so this is for the NOW. Here's to loving it just as it is. 

Good luck tomorrow, my yahoos.

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  1. Where were you 30 years ago, Emily??? Oh, wait, you were one of the kiddos. Too bad. I love you photo story. I should have done that back then. Oh, wait, there was no such thing as a digital camera.


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