Carnival Colors: Ballwin Days 2018

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Every June we look forward to the Ballwin Days festivities that happen just a half-mile from our house. A parade, fireworks for two nights, and of course the carnival. This year, I brought my big camera to grab photos of us enjoying the colorful, funnel-cake scented, kitschy, overpriced, nostalgic vibes of the Ballwin Days carnival. Thankfully, my family tolerated me, and I love these images.

So for once, I'm going to "talk less", and let the photos tell the story. Happy summer, friends! Love and funnel cakes. ♥

(Yeah-- if only carnivals weren't always when it's so HOT outside. I was crabby by the end, too, Larkin. Home to baths and beds. I'm glad we go to these things, but also glad when we run out of tickets and can trek back home and peel off the sweaty clothes and get cozy in jammies again.)


  1. Love these photos! Lucy and Quinn look like they could get into some great trouble together. Noah is getting so grown up. And Larkin is just a doll.

  2. First of all, I just love this. ALL of this. The photos, the nostalgia they invoke... Amusement parks are fun, but sometimes you just need the fun small-ness of a local carnival (even though it means facing a usually hot summer evening). This was just so fun to scroll through and enjoy vicariously. I may have to see about joining you guys next year, if that's okay. :)

    Second, though I love seeing the whole family in these pictures, I think my favorites are the Lucy-Quinn ones--hugging, holding hands, besties for the moment (though who knows how long that will last? ;) So, SO sweet to see those pictures of those two. <3

    Finally, the picture of the Super Shot and the Chicken Strip basket food stand: as I was scrolling down, my mouse scroller stopped partway through the photo--just so I could see the tower and the word "Chicken"--so for just a second (before I could finish scrolling to the end of the photo), I thought the name of the ride was "Chicken"--as in, you're chicken if you don't try the ride, haha! (I just thought you might get a kick out of that!)

    Thanks for sharing your sticky summer night with the rest of us! Love you!

  3. These are just wonderful! I LOVE the photos of Quinn and Lucy. And the lighting! And the colors! And the family photo. Wish you were in it!


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