Larkin Clementine: Farm Chic

Sunday, June 4, 2017

As I was snapping photos for Larkin's 9-month update, I was so enchanted with her cute new denim dress that I didn't want to stop shooting. She was just so fresh and sweet, and she kind of looked like a country girl or a farm maid. 
Sudden brainstorm and two minutes gathering a few props and VOILA-- we kept shooting, this time out by the red shed in our backyard... 
Just a few minutes more of keeping this busy girl in one place, and I have new favorite photos of my girl. I'm gonna need to order a print of one of these immediately. That hard part will be choosing just which one. ♥

The rooster is from IKEA, the mini egg basket was an impulse buy from Vintage Market Days last fall, and the eggs were freshly hard-boiled the day before. The headband is one of her many ones from, and the dress is a darling Carter's dress I bought from a friend who had never used it with her own daughter, so it still had tags on. I am SO IN LOVE with it. And with this baby of mine. 

Her nine-month photos with her birdie quilt are coming up next. Happy new week to everyone! May your June vibe be a calm and relaxed one, and may our summertime feel easy(ish.) Ha!


  1. I think my favorite is big eyed egg in mouth close to the end. To me, it screams 9 months old--that take on the whole world, or in this case, this whole egg attitude.

    1. I think I love that one too. <3


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