May the Fourth Be With You

Thursday, May 4, 2017

 Today is the third day school has been called off due to flooding in the southern portion of the Rockwood School District. Day one was sunny and gorgeous, and we got outside as much as we could. Day two was soggy and cold, and I declared it a pajamas-and-iPads-and-cartoons day, and we lazed about doing just that for the entire day. 

Day three, today, happens to be May the Fourth, the official Star Wars Day, and last night as I was facing yet another cold, wet day at home with all the kids in all their restlessness, I decided to skim Pinterest for some easy Star Wars ideas we could do for the day. The goal for today: postpone iPads as long as possible, and try to find other ways to have fun. Some Jedi robes and their old light saber toys from last year proved to be a perfect way to do just that. 

The super-crazy-easy DIY no-sew Jedi robe pattern came from here:

In addition to the robes and fun, we also sat around the dining room table and made a few of these felt light saber popsicle holders. SO easy. And super handy, since my kids always ask me for a paper towel to hold these popsicle with anyway. Bye bye, paper towel waste! 
I have to say--- It was pretty tempting to just phone it in yet again today, but I'm really so glad that this silly, fun holiday happened to fall on today. It re-inspired me to try to CARPE DIEM, even when sometimes it feels like so much work just to do the regular daily survival stuff. It felt good to have something to grab onto to pull me out of the drudge, and reminded me that even in this trickier, more complicated life with four little kids, it is still possible to create a little magic and fun, and the "old me" isn't quite gone forever. Maybe, as baby continues to get more and more self-sufficient, we'll reenter a season of craftiness, of going the extra mile... of making art with abandon. Maybe I'll get my energy back, and my hands more free. 

Til then, making the effort to grab 45 minutes of time to do simple fun things together--- well, it's been so good. 

Happy May the Fourth, all. Here's to felt and fleece and imagination and here's to floodwaters receding and everyone getting back on schedule soon. Ha! 


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