Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I should:

Try to stay up a little later to edit client photos.
Think about tackling that massive pile of outgrown clothes and general STUFF that has taken up residence in the middle of my bedroom floor.
Probably wash my face at night.
Really really figure out how I will make time to do my business finances before 2016 is over.
Try to finish editing Larkin's newborn photos so I can finally share them.
Make a Larkin birth announcement, for that matter. 
And mail them. 
And make a Christmas card.
And order them.
And then mail them.
Try to take Quinn and Larkin on more walks now that she's settling into a more chill persona.
Try harder to plan ahead to make dinners for my family again.
Probably apologize.
Eat more veggies.
Talk to God more than I talk to Facebook.
Not count my chickens before they hatch.
Use less exclamation marks and happy face emojis. 
Work on crawling out of the "new baby survival season" now that she's 11 weeks old.

 I really should... 

But for tonight, I'm going to choose my bed instead. 

(Photos from tonight's peek in on my little ones. Clearly one of them has a lot on his mind as well. Maybe he should write his own list!)

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