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Monday, May 18

My People, My Yellow Dining Room Wall

Failing to post a Five For Friday two days ago, here is my submission on a Sunday night instead. Since Joe decided today would be the day he shaved off his spring beard, anticipating the coming of summer's humidity, he let me take beard photos of him, more of which I'll share in a day or two. Noah happened to have some SPECTACULAR bedhead today, and let me take his photo, too.

I've discovered, over the almost two years we've lived at this house now, that my yellow dining room has some really nice light, and really nice depth to the light. So for my Five Photos this time, I just want to share five photos of my favorite folks, my PEOPLE, my tribe, all in this dining room, from two different days.

First, Lucy and Quinn, playing nice for a rare moment, back in March. 

Next, Noah's phenomenal bedhead.... His longish hair + sleeping on it wet = THIS:

And lastly, a peek photo of Joe's beard portraits, right before he shaved it off. 

Hooray for my people. 

Hooray for good light.

Hooray for photos and Sunday and spring and sunshine and happy things. 

Hooray for Monday tomorrow--- my "reset day", the day I start fresh and feel like maybe I can do awesome things with the week ahead. See you next time, with the rest of Joe's photos! 


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  1. that is awesome bead head, Noah! Cute shots of Quinn and Lucy. Oh, my, that beard, Joe.....