Monday: What I Hope For This Week

Monday, September 29, 2014

Quinn is starting to stir, but he's not actually up and out of his bed yet, and Lucy is, of course, still sleeping. Noah has gotten on the bus, and we begin the week NOW. The sun rising today is so lovely--- it outlined Noah's sweet head and shoulders as he stood at the end of the driveway waiting for his bus and talking to himself-- some epic dialog about something epic, I have no doubt. The sun also highlighted the slowly-changing tones of the leaves on the trees. We're in that phase now where everything green is a little more golden-green, and some go-getters are actually changing to orange and red. I cannot wait. Autumn is my absolute favorite. I've been teaching Lucy what Fall is, and she's getting it. When she sees vibrant fall color, she cries out, "It's Autumntime!" Awesome. 

What I hope for this week:
  • In spite of this brand-new cold I've just gotten, I hope for positive energy.
  • I hope that our income tax comes in.
  • I hope that I am able to remember to listen to the little things from each of my kids, enough so that they feel heard and cherished. 
  • I hope that we get to spend a little of each day outside, even though Mother Nature is being mean and keeping temps around 82 degrees most of the week. 
  • I hope to get some fabric and get started on Halloween costumes. 
  • I hope that the littles will go easy on me today because I plan to be useless and let the TV play more than usual so I can rest and maybe get better a little faster. 
  • I hope that the rest of the week I don't have to rely on too much TV to survive. 
  • I hope that I can tune in to any needs that my friends might have, so I can be a listening ear or a support to them. 
  • I hope I can remember to bite my tongue when the all-too-easy route of criticizing rises to my throat. 
  • I hope my kids get plenty of time to be creative and to have stories and music in their days. 
  • I hope I can make time for some reading for myself. And editing a few personal photos. 
  • I hope to get caught up on a few very important work things. 
  • I hope to be able to let go when things don't go as I want them to. 
  • I hope to make at least one pumpkin-flavored something this week, and at least one good soup. Even if it really is still 82 degrees. 

What do you hope for your coming week? Is it a busy one for you?  Mine is on the lower end of "busy", and that is a lovely thought.

Oh, there's Quinn. My time is up. Til next time!

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  1. I hope that I can move past these health challenges I am having. I hope that I can grade the tests my students took almost 2 weeks ago. I hope I can be supportive as the rest of my lab has a busy busy week. I hope I can contribute to a committee I am serving on this week.


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