Lucy Moment...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

So I'll admit it. Though it's taken years of being humbled to get to this point: 

I might be a bit of a snorer. 

There, I said it. Harumph. Don't be a hater. 

Well, ANYway. This afternoon I got home from a mini-session back in the city, after a full-packed morning and lunchtime outing with the family, after an early wake-up this morning. And I was BEAT. The kids all piled on my bed while I tried to rest a bit, and we hung out as a gaggle of 5 for a while... but then I started closing my eyes, even amidst the chaos... and Noah, then Joe and Quinn, slowly migrated away from my dozey self and to another room. But Lucy stayed. She contentedly played with one of those wire/bead toys, tucked into bed right next to me, and I sunk down and dozed off entirely.

And every so often, Lucy would stop her quiet play and say, "Mommy! Mommy!" and I would rouse a bit, smile at her, see her smile back at me, and then I'd fall back asleep. She'd do it again a few minutes later. It finally started to process through my foggy brain that she was doing this BECAUSE I'D STARTED SNORING. Oh geez. I'd sink so deep that the logs would start to "get sawed", and she'd sweetly wake me to get me to stop. Multiple times. I think (and I may have just dreamed this part) she even imitated me one time. 


And also deadly cute. 

Sweet girl.... with her brutish snoring exhausted old mama. Contentedly keeping me company. But also keeping me in line.


  1. Hee Hee. And that picture is adorable. Glad you got a nap (of sorts) yesterday. You deserved it.

  2. So sweet! And I find I snore when I'm really exhausted. So I'm right there with you!


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